Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is a support provided by BGS upon request in order to allow participation of people from countries where the LGBT+community is discriminated against, or for whom the lack of financial means could prevent them from participating.

If you would like to donate to the Outreach Program, so as to offer opportunities to those who need it, and allow them to enjoy a weekend full of tolerance, please do so when signing up to the Brussels Games (multiples of 5€) or contact us directly at

If you would like to benefit from the Outreach Program, you have to:

  • Register at the Brussels Games (without paying). People who registered have a priority when treating the requests.
  • Get in contact with the outreach team at and tell us how we could help you to participate to the Brussels Games.
  • Make your request at latest on the 20th of June 2016.

We will try to satisfy a maximum of requests, but the number of sponsored registrations will be limited. We count on you to only introduce a request when really needed.