Before registering, make sure you are familiar with the detailed information about your sport or activity.

Take the time also to read the terms and conditions of registration – by registering you agree to accept them.




Registration BGS Party

  • Important information
  • Registration procedure
  • What to do if…? (FAQ)
  • Conditions of registration

Registration for the sports activities, the brunch and the guided tour will close on Sunday August 30th, 2020. Your registration will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

For organisation matters, we kindly ask you to request for hosting until the Friday August 23th, 2020. Every request after that date will not be treated.

Registration for the party will close on Tuesday September 8th, 2020. Your registration will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

All participants are invited to confirm their presence at the registration desk during the Welcome Party on Friday or at the activity venue no later than 15 minutes before the start of the activity.

Be careful!

  • For volleyball teams, only the captain is required to come to registration.
  • Players who arrive late cannot be guaranteed a place in the tournament.
  • During your online registration, we encourage you to order your tickets for the party, brunch or guided tour of Brussels.
  • Players coming from abroad may also request accomodation with local residents.


Places for the tournament, the brunch and the guided tour are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis (registration and payment!)


Price summary

We try to keep reasonable prices in order to allow everyone to participate.

You will benefit from an automatic +- 20% discount if you register AND pay BEFORE June 30th 2020 to one of the sports tournaments:

  • Badminton double: 33 € per person (26 € if registered and paid at latest for the 30th of June)
  • Swimming : 33 € per person (26 € if registered and paid at latest for the 30th of June)
  • (Mixed) volleyball: 33 € per person (26 € if registered and paid at latest for the 30th of June)
  • Hiking: free


  • Party BGS: 12 € in advance – € 15 at the entrance
  • Brunch: 20 €
  • Guided tour: Free (reservation required)
  • Homestay – Hosted housing: 5 € per person
  • Accompanying person (lunch on Saturday with the sportswomen or sportsmen): 7 € per person


Bank details

We prefer bank transfers at the name of BGS, rue du Marché au Charbon 42, 1000 Brussels, and according to the following information:

  • IBAN: BE04310476759231
  • For international payments, the address of our bank is: ING Bank Belgium, Avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels.

By using TransferWise you can save money compared to the bank.

Members of Brussels Gay Sports (BGS) register via the "Members" area of the BGS website. You can access it with your email address and your password.

The participants that are NOT members of BGS must use the "Registration Brussels Games" access on this webpage and follow the following procedure:

1. Complete the required data on the first page, then click ‘Next’.

This will automatically create a user account which will allow you to change your registration later. Warning: your email will be your login. Hence, it is preferred to have a different email address per participant. This is mainly of importance for all housing demands!

2. Choose your activity on the next page, then click ‘Next’.

3. Select the desired additional events: the BGS Party, the brunch, the tour of Brussels and accommodations by adding comments, then click ‘Next’.

4. On this page, you can either change your registration by clicking on ‘EDIT’, or add another person to the same registration if you pay the orders/registrations together. In this case, click ‘ADD’ and follow the steps 1 to 3 once more.

Remember, once confirmed, you can no longer remove your choices!

5. You will receive an automatic confirmation by email (don’t forget to check your spam inbox as well!) with payment instructions. Once the payment made, your registration will be completed (no pay = no play).

Important note concerning the lodging

If the person accompanying a participant of the tournament does not play any sport, he or she must register by selecting 'no sport' in step 2 or unmark sport in step 3. In order to be housed together, he or she must buy a housing product, to which he may add an accompanying person ticket (Saturday lunch), a ticket for the party and/or brunch. Only when this is performed will the request be accepted. Do not forget to indicate the name of your partner in the ‘Remarks’ box in step 3!

I want to change my registration

You can still access your data with your login and password via – both for BGS members and other participants. You will then find yourself at step 3 (the activities selection) of the registration procedure. Be careful! Any change in registration will only be possible until the closing date of registration! After that date, only the coordinators of the tournament will be able to change your registration, and only in exceptional cases.

You can also add tickets for the BGS party and for the brunch to your listing. Of course, tickets will only be issued upon receipt of payment of such activities.


I would like to be lodged with my partner but he or she does not participate in any of the sport activities

Request for lodging is only valid when you participate in at least one of the activities (sports, party, brunch). Whenever your partner does not join a sports activity, he or she is asked to register for the housing product. He can also add the accompanying person ticket (Saturday lunch), the party and/or brunch. Do you like to be lodged together? Then please write the name of your partner under remarks.


I want to buy tickets for the BGS party and for the brunch or tour but without signing up for a sport

You can buy tickets for the party, the brunch and the guided tour through the same online form as for the sports at: Make sure that you do not select any sport in the form, only the desired tickets. Of course, tickets will only be issued after receipt of payment for these activities.


I would like to benefit from the lunch on Saturday as I am accompanying a person who is participating to the sports games.

YA special ticket has been created for you. You just have to validate ‘accompanying person’ ticket during the registration. The procedure is identical to that mentioned above for the people only interested in the party or brunch tickets.


I want to buy tickets for the BGS party only, without signing up for a sport or other activity

We opened registration for the BGS party especially for people from Brussels: Of course, tickets will only be issued upon receipt of payment.


Bank transfer from my country is very expensive

By using TransferWise you can save money compared to the bank. Only upon your request we can accept cash payment during the welcome party on Friday evening. You will not benefit from the +-20% automatic discount though. Without your specific request, your registration will not be validated.


I want to cancel my subscription

Under the terms of registration, you will be refunded up to a specific percentage of your payment depending on the date of your cancellation. Please contact if you would like to cancel your registration.

Brussels Gay Sports (BGS) wants to make sure that each participation to the Brussels Games is the most enjoyable, in a sporty and celebratory atmosphere. To make things clear, please read the following conditions of registration. By registering, you declare to adhere to these terms.


Art. 1. Modality for registration

Online registrations are open from April 30th until August 31th 2020, unless the maximum number of participants is reached before the closing date:

  • Badminton: 160 participants in doubles;
  • Swimming : 120 participants;
  • (Mixed) volleyball: 36 teams;
  • Hiking : 40 participants

Places will be allocated according to the date of your final registration. Your registration will be finalized only after receipt of payment.

Underage participants are welcome to the tournament as long as they bring a written permission from their parent(s) with them.


Art. 2. Modifying an entry

You can still access your data with your login and your password via – for both BGS members and other participants – until the closing date for registrations. After that date, only coordinators of the tournament can change your registration, and only in exceptional cases.


Art. 3. Cancellation  (sports, party en brunch)

All cancellations must be notified by email to the address

  • The full or partial cancellation of registration reported before August 25th will be refunded in full.
  • Cancellations reported between August 26th and September 1st will be refunded at a 50% rate.
  • Cancellations notified after September 1st will not be refunded.

In the case of an inability to participate in the tournament due to a physical problem or an accident, the participant (or a member of their club) must submit proof of disability (medical certificate) to qualify for a reimbursement despite the before mentioned conditions.

Brussels Gay Sports reserves the right to cancel a registration which does not meet the registration requirements or good convenience.


Art. 4. Payment

Prices are informed to all participants and are posted on the website of the Brussels Games. All participants agree to pay in order to participate in the different activities, as announced on the website and throughout the online registration.

Once the registration has been confirmed in the database, the payment of expenses of the tournament must be made within 15 calendar days. After this time, Brussels Gay Sports reserves the right to cancel the registration.

A +- 20% discount is automatically applied to any entry in sporting activities before July 1st. In case of non-payment by this date, the registration will be automatically increased by 20% without the participant being able to dispute the amount due.


Art. 5. Accident and Insurance

Brussels Gay Sports cannot be held accountable for any accidents, material or physical damages incurred by a participant in this tournament.

All participants must be insured by their own means or through their club.

Brussels Gay Sports covers its members in order of contributions against physical damages suffered during their sports’ practices.


Art. 6. Housing

Brussels Gay Sports offers a housing option for all participants coming from abroad. All applications will be treated by taking into account the number of requests and the number of offers, within the best possible conditions.

The housing option is provided by volunteers. Participants who apply for housing must accept the fact that Brussels Gay Sports cannot be held responsible for housing conditions.


Art. 7. Image rights

By participating in the Brussels Games, the Brussels Gay Sports tournament, you accept that the organizers or their representatives take pictures (or video) on the premises where the sports activities and festivities take place (during the welcome party, throughout the tournaments, during the party, etc.).

Moreover, these images may be displayed in the gallery section of the website of the Brussels Games. We guarantee that no degrading image will be released. If you prefer not to appear in our photo gallery, just tell us and send a mail to

Personal data from participants will be saved by Brussels Gay Sports under the organization of the Brussels Games. This stored information will, under no circumstances, be used for commercial purposes or transferred to third parties.

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